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Beauty resides in imperfection

Always inspired by the beauty found in imperfections, the designer began working with rough and matte semiprecious stones about 4 years ago. Enthralled by their healing properties and the singularity in each bead, Anastasia gradually began creating each piece, forming the collections.

Anastasia's passion for Ancient Greek philosophy and mythology is reflected in the collections which formed naturally as the gods and goddesses were revered despite their many flaws.
Each piece is handmade by the designer along with a hand written note of the healing properties of each stone.  
This exploration of imperfect jewelry led to the development of the silver pieces. Always working with the highest quality materials, all items are solid silver, carefully designed and handmade. Each piece has been inspired by the life of Iphestos, the tragically relatable god.

To discover more, read Notes From the Designer.


Sustainable, Local & Handmade

Based on the philosophy that inspired the retreat, living a good and balanced life, the boutique simply extends this concept into items that we believe contribute towards this on a day-to-day basis. 
We make an effort to mainly stock Greek designers as we are honoured to promote our country; rich in culture and in skills.

We have launched our own brand this year including handmade jewelry, pareos and scarves. As well as hats, bags, towels, herbal tea and preserves which have been made from handpicked fruit from our trees.
We believe in sourcing everything locally wherever possible locally making everything by hand to ensure the best quality and that the right energy it put into every item. We hope to promote a more sustainable lifestyle through these products as well as giving our guests a chance to take a part of F Zeen home with them. 

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