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Updated: Jul 31


As well as giving off certain vibrations, crystals also absorb a lot of energy, particularly the protective stones as they tend to take in a lot of negative energy. Therefore it is important to carry out monthly cleanses to ensure maximum efficiency. This post will explain the different methods of cleansing.


Water can neutralise negative energy that may be stored inside the stone and allows the energy to be grounded. Running water is ideal, so running under the tap for 1 minute is a good option. Make sure that the stone or crystal is covered with water and pat dry when completed. This can only be used for hard stones, not brittle or soft stones such as selenite, kyanite or any that are water soluble.

This method is not recommended with jewelry as the water can effect the delicate parts.


Another way to draw out negative energy from your crystal, specifically for the protective stones such as tourmaline. Fill a bowl with brown rice and bury your crystals within. Leave for 24 hours and dispose of the rice after. The benefit to this method is that you can do this with any stone.


Allow your crystal to bathe in the moonlight. The best time to do this is during the full moon. Leave your crystal outside in the early evening, just before it starts to get dark, approximately late afternoon and retrieve it in the early morning. Ideally leave it directly on the ground so it has contact with the earth.

This method can be used for all crystals and is the most commonly used method.


Sage bundles (available here) can also be used as sage is very good at cleansing energy and helping to remove negative or stagnant energy. If you can't do this outside make sure that you have a window open to allow the exit of the negative energy.

Light the tip of the sage, take hold of it with your non-dominant hand and move your crystal through the smoke. Keep it submerged in the smoke for roughly 30 seconds.

This method can be used for all crystals.


Despite the healing properties that each stone bestows, it can be helpful to set each stone, or piece of jewelry with a particular intention. You can do this by meditating with your crystal or simply holding it whilst setting your intention and focusing on the crystal. Visualise the stone's energy, connect with and ask for whatever assistance you may need.

Try and see the care for your crystals as care for yourself, building a harmonious connection with the stones that provide us with healing and protection.

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