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Which stone is right for you?

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

How to choose the stone that will serve you best; a breakdown of aspects to look out for.

From the previous post, we established the value of your 'gut feeling' and this would be my advice to you. When you're looking at the different stones, which colours, patterns or textures are you drawn to mostly? Usually, you should go with this as it is your subconscious telling your conscious mind what it is that you need.

If however you are not so transparent (most people aren't) and are interested in a gaining a more in-depth knowledge of yourself and crystals then visit the 'Our Crystals' page where we have outlined the element associated with each stone, the chakra and of course the healing properties.

The Elements

The element associated with each stone is related to the nature of the energy that it gives off. It is an important consideration as it can help you understand which elements you maybe have too much of and which elements you might be lacking, thus bringing you into balance. For a more in-depth description of the elements, see our next post.

The Chakras

The chakras are associated with each stone primarily based on colour but also based on their healing properties and element. For example, stones that have the earth element tend to be quite grounding and so work with the lower chakras. Similarly, blue stones tend to be linked with the throat chakra as blue is the colour associated with Vishuddha (throat chakra).

The Healing Properties

The specific healing properties have been derived from the previous two aspects, the chakras and the elements. How exactly they have been built upon is open to theories and speculation. Once one has an understanding of the role that the elements and chakras play for us, this can be extrapolated further for specific ailments or goals. History is also a great indicator as to the benefits of each stone as we can see many examples where ancient wisdom has pointed us in the direction of deeper understanding.

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