The nereid of sand.

The Desert Rose is a unique piece of art. It is naturally formed from Selenite in the desert where the combination of sand and water becoming trapped in the cracks, over time form a rose petal-like shape.


Materials: Pearl, Desert Rose Selenite, 925 Sterling Silver


Pearl - Purity | Charity | Integrity | Sincerity | Truth | Innocence | Fertility


Selenite - Serenity | Purification | Peace | Meditation | Universal Consciousness | Clarity | Purity | Universal Love | Integrity | Forgiveness | Positive Thoughts | Expansion | Awareness | Higher Guidance | Detoxifying

Psamathe Necklace

  • To extend my life, please take me off when showering or swimming and keep me away from salty water.

    Cleanse and recharge the crystals (see blog for more info).