Iphestos was an incredibly skilled craftsman and blacksmith, for this reason he was chosen to make the armour that would be worn by Achilles to protect him in battle. 

In the Iliad, Homer describes the armour as being 'bright, speckled with stars'. Even though Achilles was partially mortal, it is said that his armour came to represent his power and set him apart from the other soldiers. 

This necklace symbolises the beautiful story of Achilles armour through the combination of strength and beauty as well as excellent crafstmanship bringing to light something individual and unique. 


Materials: 925 Sterling Silver, Diamond Cut Chain


The Armour of Achilles Necklace

  • Due to the handmade nature of these items, this size is an approximation.

    Chain Width: 1.18mm

     Chain Length: 45cm

  • Please note that due to the natural materials used to make each piece, colours, patterns and sizes may vary slightly.