Helios was the god of the Sun who oversaw everthying while the Sun was up. He was the guardian of oaths and the titan of sight as he brought light to life allowing us to see. As a gift Iphestos gave him the golden chariot which he drove across the sky to bring in the Sun for the day. This necklace is very unique, the gold pyrite personifies the radiance of the chariot and the golden light that Helios endowed upon the world. 


Materials: 925 Sterling Silver Rope Chain, 925 Sterling Silver, Pyrite 


Pyrite - Protection | Physical and Mental Wellbeing | Willpower | Strength of Mind | Memory | Practicality | Logic | Mental Stability | Clarity | Wealth | Good Luck

The Chariot of Helios Necklace

PriceFrom €120.00
  • Due to the handmade nature of these items, this size is an approximation.

    Chain Width: 2mm

    Choose the length of chain: 45cm, 50cm

  • Please note that due to the natural materials used to make each piece, colours, patterns and sizes may vary slightly.