Iphestos is one of the most fascinating Olympian gods due to his disfigurement which made him remarkably more human. How he became disfigured has been debated amongst many writers. Despite his difigurement, he married the most beautiful goddess of love, Aphrodite. Many of the gods were hoping to marry Aphrodite which was causing unrest, so in an effort to maintain peace, Hera decided that Aprohdite must marry Iphestos. Their marraige had many difficulties given that they followed very different lifestyles but Iphestos offered stability to Aprhodite which she was not accustomed to. She had several affairs but kept coming back to Iphestos which many writers have explained was due to her deep love and affection towards him. 

This ring is inspired by the turbulent marriage between the most unlikely god and goddess, yet with its underlying elements of peace and stabiltiy. 


This solid ring has been handcrafted using a wax mold.

Materials: 925 Sterling Silver

The Embrace of Aphrodite

  • European Ring Sizes

    Small: 51.5

    Medium: 53

    Large: 53.5