Hera was the mother of Iphestos. According to myths when she saw that he was an ugly baby she trew him from mount olympus where he fell for 9 days and 9 nights and became lame. Naturally he was angered by this. Later in his life he devised a trap for her, a throne which trapped her as soon as she sat in it. The god of wine, Dionysus was called upon to intoxicate Iphestos so that they could persuade him to set her free. He eventually did and as a token og their thanks, the gods rewarded him with the marriage to Aphrodite. This simple necklace represents the benefits and rewards that come to us through forgiveness. 


Materials: 925 Sterling Silver Chain, 925 Sterling Silver, Pearl 


Pearl - Purity | Charity | Integrity | Sincerity | Truth | Innocence | Fertility

The Forgiveness of Hera Necklace

  • Due to the handmade nature of these items, this size is an approximation.

    Chain Width: 1mm

    Chain Length: 40cm

  • Please note that due to the natural materials used to make each piece, colours, patterns and sizes may vary slightly.