This solid silver bracelet is based on the chains that were made by Iphestos to confine Prometheus. Zeus wanted to punish Prometheus for stealing fire and giving it to humanity as he essentially stole the 'flower' of Iphestos who was the god of fire, and conveniently, of metal work. Iphestos had compassion for Prometheus but was ordered to make chains since he was a highly skilled blacksmith. This gives these chains a double meaning as many authors have said that these chains also represent the restrictions that are binding Iphestos in that he must do as his father says since he is familiar with Zeus' power. 

This bracelet is beautiful addition to a collection, offering a 'raw' or 'rough' elegance. 

A clasp has been expertly created giving a secure hold whilst blending effortlessly in with the design. 

Materials: 925 Sterling Silver. 

This bracelet has been handcrafted using a wax mold. 

Weight: approx. 36gr


The Chains of Prometheus

  • Width: 1.2cm

    Length: 20.5cm