Materials: Moonstone, Green Jasper, Pyrite, 925 Sterling Silver, Charcoal waxed thread


Moonstone - Inner Growth | Strength | Soothing | Stabilizing | Calming | Intuition | Inspiration | Good Fortune | Digestive System | Mothering | Nurturing | Good for PMS, Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Breastfeeding | Ancient Wisdom


Green Jasper - Balance and Stability | Healing | Immune System | Relieves Inflammation | Detoxifying | Protect against Pollution | Connection with Earth


Pyrite - Protection | Physical and Mental Wellbeing | Willpower | Strength of Mind | Memory | Practicality | Logic | Mental Stability | Clarity | Wealth | Good Luck

The Jasper Moon Bracelet

  • To extend my life, please take me off when showering or swimming and keep me away from salty water.

    Cleanse and recharge the crystals (see blog for more info).

  • Due to the handmade nature of these items, these sizes are approximations.

    Diameter when the bracelet is closed all the way:

    Small 4cm

    Medium 5cm

    Large 6cm

    Diameter when the bracelet is opened all the way:

    Small 6cm

    Medium 7cm

    Large 8cm

    Most of the materials used are directly from nature so colours, patterns and sizes may vary slightly, making each piece completely unique.