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The constellation is known as 'the Great One' associated with water, knowledge and creation. Thriving in chaotic and traumatic situations, they are able to overcome obstacles with ease. Known as going against the grain with their thinking, they have a strong charisma that can inspire those around them. Uranus rules this constellation and is associated with technology and change.
It represents hopes and ideals, they have a desire to share these, are highly siciable, thriving off being a part of the community.


THEME | innovation, originality,
humanitarian concerns, discipline around ideals, self-reliance, intelligence, optimism

SYMBOLISM | the water bearer. They are able to share a life-sustaining gift with others without being affected. 

ELEMENT | Earth. 
Represents the foundation that gives protection and sense of stability. Present, practical and patient.

RULED BY | Saturn, Uranus.
Saturn is the planet of time, restriction and
 tough love. Through patience, self-discipline and hard work you can experience profound growth. 
Uranus has a disruptive force that pushes the status quo and causes change, restructuring and radical forward-thinking.

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