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ABOUT | Formed when water containing specific minerals, including iron to give the brown hue seep into cracks of a rock. The continued process of cracking and sealing result in diagonal crocidolite fibres that creates the 'eye' effect.

METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES | Helps to release fear and anxiety, bringing balance and harmony. 

It stimulates action, courage and decision making with discernment and understanding, unclouded by emotions.

It inspires integrity, practicality and has strong grounding effects.

It can help to heal the solar plexus, allowing one to connect with their true identity and not what is projected on them from their external environment and explore who they truly are.

tiger eye 2.png

THEME | release fear and anxiety, objective decision making, grounding, protection, abundance.

LOCATION | South Africa, Thailand, Namibia, US, Canada, Australia, Spain, Brazil, China, India



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