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'I am Gemini. Curiosity is my name. I am into everything and know everyone. My mind moves at the speed of light. I get more done in a day than most people do in a month. Maybe that's why I am considered to be two people. Night and day, extroverted and thoughtful, duality, dynamics, every pot on the stove - set to boil. I am the most exciting guest at a dinner party - if you can keep me there long enough to complete the meal.' Andee Nathanson
They are highly sociable and intellectual people, always interested in learning new information. Can have a restless energy, they need stimulation, are very intelligent, adaptable and communicative.

Their adapatibility can sometimes be perceived as being 'two-faced' and due to their desire to connect with many, their connections can sometimes lack depth and substance and their intellect can make them seem a bit detached if not balanced.


THEME | curiosity, intellect, versatility, quick to change, communication, networking, extrovert, thoughtful, duality

SYMBOLISM | the twins. Represent the dualistic nature of the universe.

ELEMENT | air. 
Everything metaphysical, specifically thought, intellect and philosphy. Big picture, detached, the mental realm, abstract.

RULED BY | Mercury.
Embodied by Hermes, the messenger to the gods. It represents the delivery of ideas and inspiration from air to earth. All about communication, also of matters of the subconscious. Associated with thinking, learning, socialising and processing information.

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