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Those with placements in cancer possess a deep sensitivity, an urge to protect one's self, a need to be alone but at the same time to initmately connect with those around them. With this depth of emotions comes a fierce strength.

They are very protective of their energy, usually have few friends but very meaningful connections.

They have strong empathetic ablities, making them great listeners and advice givers. Firecely loyal and intuitive, good at reading people and understanding their true intentions.

Their sensitivity, if not balanced, can result in them taking things very personally. Due to their unwavering loyalty they can sometimes 'lose themselves' through love for others. 

Their deep emotions can also make them seem moody at times.

Rebirth is strongly associated with this sign, going within and emerging victoriously aware of who they are.


THEME | sensitivity, empathy, protection, comfort, family and home, tribe, notalgia, emotions, nurturing

SYMBOLISM | the crab. The hard exterior represents their defense mechanisms. The shell also portrays the need to be alone and go inwards. It reiterates the cycle of renewal and rebirth.

ELEMENT | water. 
Non-linear, non-verbal realm of feeling and intuition. Transcendant space, compassion, fluidity and imagination.

RULED BY | The Moon.
Symbolises spirit representing the deepest part of who you are and the interior world of your soul. It reflects the subconscious, intutition and your emotional response to life, how you nurture yourself and others.

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