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ABOUT | A rare form of Tiger Eye that symbolises the eye of an Eagle.
Formed when reflective fibres permeate cracks in quartz stone. The stone is naturally heated and pressurised beneath the Earth's surface, causing a continuous process of cracking and sealing, allowing more fibres to enter.

METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES | A grounding stone that helps connect the metaphysical with the physical, maintaining a balance between the two.

This stone can help with emotional balance, providing a sense of calm during challenging situations, encouraging clearer thoughts.

It can help to clear negativity, eliminating feelings of fear and doubt.

This stone can also help to remove blockages, promting creativity or finding unconventional solutions to problems.

Eagle eye.png

THEME | balance, confidence, understanding, analytical skills, inspire change, self-relasiation, transformation, enthusiasm, prosperity, analytical skills

LOCATION | Mainly South Africa and Thailand



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