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Without boundaries, dmeonstrating an all-encompassing love. Thought to contain a culmination of all signs and to represent peak spiritual enlightenment since it is seen as the last sign that the planets transition through. The constellation is known as containing two connected rivers.
Those with Pisces placements are very intuitive and are sometimes associated with psychic abilities. They are especially emphathetic and forgiving and can inspire ideals in others.


THEME | intuition, compassion, sensitivity, forgiveness, serving a greater purpose, creation, no limites, all-encompassing love.

SYMBOLISM | the fish. They represent spiritual widom. The two gish swimming in different directions echoes the hermetic principle, one swims towards enlightenment, the other towards the earth. As above, so below.

ELEMENT | Water. 
Non-linear, non-verbal realm of feeling and intuition. Transcendant space, compassion, fluidity and imagination.

RULED BY | Jupiter, Neptune.
Jupiter has a larger-than-life energy. Exploration, travel, higher education and growth. Inspires a search for meaning.
Neptune is the doorway to higher dimension, connecting to something greater than yourself. Surrender, art, music and inspiration.

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