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'I am Leo. The central sun, acround me, the many planets dance. I shine bright, untiring, at the center of everything. I roar with joy. I smile with pleasure. My tables are full, as I call friends and family together. My wisdom is deep and my knowledge broad. I am king, queen, and ruler. My reign is supreme. And absolute. Under my protection, you will not falter. If you are loyal, I will lead you. If you love me, I will offer you the world.' Andee Nathanson

One of the earliest known constellations, one of the few that actually looks like the figure represented by it. Leo's fire is held in check by its fixed modality, presenting a more warm and firendly approach.

Their warm energy is magnetic, drawing people in. They are generally loved people due to their genuine love and care for others.

They are charismatic and others enjoy being around them. Both powerful and sociable yet playful and affectionate. 

Many end up in the performing arts since they thrive off an audience and are very creative.

It is important for their ego to be kept in check as they have the tendancy to become used to taking up space.


THEME | warmth, loyalty, pride, confidence, creativity, generosity, performance

SYMBOLISM | the lion. Represents pride, strength, leadership and courage. A defender of their authority, protective and posessive.

ELEMENT | fire. 
Passion, inspiration, fearless and optimistic force, faith in its vision. Confidence, sponteneity and bravery.

RULED BY | The Sun.
Symbolises life itself and self-expression. It reflects self-identity, vitality and synchronicity, the father figure.

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