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ABOUT | Formed near igneous intrusions where limestone or marble has been altered by contact metamophism or hydrithermal metamorphism. In these rocks, lazurite replaces portions of the rock and often develops in layers.

METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES | Encourages wisdom, intuition and connecting with one's innter truth. It is known as the stone of truth.

It is a powerful stone for deepening one's connection to the self, the center of intuition and wisdom, bringing about a deep understand and inspiring self-awareness.

It draws in a sense of balance and harmony, helps to release negative thoughts and develop ways of expressing oneself more authentically.

It enhances intellectual ability, developing skills associated with teaching and learning.


THEME | confidence, communcation, honest expression, authenticity, wsdom, balance, harmony.

LOCATION | Afghanistan, Russia, Chile, Italy, Mongolia, US, Canada



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