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Known to be joyfully seeking truth and adventure. They generally love to travel and have a curious side to them. They also like the outdoors and animals.

Known to be quite direct when it comes to communication. They are forward-thinkers, forever inspired.
They tend to have a larger than life energy, like to remain independent and possess the optimism to start again when needed.

Their interst in existence and philosophy can sometimes result in idealism that is not necessarily rooted in reality. They are dedicated to a higher learning and topics that expand the mind.

It is important for them to remain gounded and remind themselves of the simple pleasures in life, otherwise they could live with a constant sense of dissatisfaction.


THEME | optimism, philosophy, ethics, imagination, exploration, independence, seeking, freedom, adventure.

SYMBOLISM | the archer. Refpresents intelligence, strength, philosophical contemplation and exploration.

ELEMENT | air. 
Everything metaphysical, specifically thought, intellect and philosphy. Big picture, detached, the mental realm, abstract.

RULED BY | Jupiter.
Jupiter has a larger-than-life energy. Exploration, travel, higher education and growth. Inspires a search for meaning.

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