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The largest constellation in the zodiac, its shape is said to represent the celestial virgin from Greek mythology whose name translates to star maiden.

Prior to Christianity, the term virgin referred to beign 'self-contained', pointing to strength and integrity.

They are practical people with impressive attention to detail and possess a wise discernment.

They are devoted to service and illumination, they bring enthusiasm and a focus on the collective needs.

They are intellectual and adaptable. They are the perfect representation of what is suggested by organised chaos.

Their attnetion to detail can lead to perfectionism resulting on them being overly critical towards themselves and others.


THEME | integrity, reverence, humility, practicality, introverted, attention to detail, high standards, perfectionism.

SYMBOLISM | the maiden. Represents strength and integrity. Revered due to discipline and values

ELEMENT | earth. 
Passion, inspiration, fearless and optimistic force, faith in its vision. Confidence, sponteneity and bravery.

RULED BY | Mercury.
Embodied by Hermes, the messenger to the gods. It represents the delivery of ideas and inspiration from air to earth. All about communication, also of matters of the subconscious. Associated with thinking, learning, socialising and processing information.

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