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This constellation symbolises prosperity towards beauty. Those with placements in this sign are steadfast , gentle and methodical builders of prosperity.
The most grounded of all the earth signs. They are very down to earth, practical, loyal and patient.

Their strength can sometimes develop into stubborness, refusing to change their opionion or mind. They have a love of sensual pleasures, which, left unbalanced can result in materialsm or vanity.


THEME | beauty, stability, patience, emphasis on senses, things of value, grounded, practical, power to love.

SYMBOLISM | the bull. Revered in mythology, representinng strength, a lust for life, loyalty, power and consistency.

ELEMENT | earth. 
Passion, inspiration, fearless and optimistic force, faith in its vision. Confidence, sponteneity and bravery.

RULED BY | Venus.
The sensual planet of love and beauty. It affects how you engage with the world around you, what you value and your perception of beauty. Self-worth, intimacy, pleasure.

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