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This constellation symbolises the awakening of life, the promise of a new day and a higher state of existence. As a cardinal sign, it marks the beginning of a new season. 

Capricorn season gives the boost for people to stick to new commitments and find the discipline needed to improve the life.

Those with Capricorn placements posses the rare combination of sensuality and practicality, innovation and tradition, ambition and spontaneity. They understand that there are limits to our time together respect its finality, sometimes making them come across as cold or dettached.However, they possess a depth of loyalty and generosity reserved for a select few.


THEME | ambition, discipline, reposinsibility, hard work, sense of duty, serious, driven

SYMBOLISM | the sea goat. Reflects the land and water element of this sign. Often accompany gods and goddesses and known for their intelligence.

ELEMENT | earth. 
Passion, inspiration, fearless and optimistic force, faith in its vision. Confidence, sponteneity and bravery.

RULED BY | Saturn.
The planet of time, restriction and tough love. Through patience, self-discipline and hard work you can experience profound growth. 

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