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Known to be the most mysterious sign, people with scorpio placements are often misunderstood. They have the ability to be firecely loyal and to feel emotions very deeply.

They are very sensitive people however they adopt a persona that they lack emotion as a defence mechanism.

They have the tendency to go more towards the metaphysical topics in life and are rarely content with small talk. They tend to have an intense energy, specifically their eyes are an indication of this.

They are very intelligent, determined and intuitive people, great at reading others.

Due to their sensitivity they can often jump to the worst conclusion regarding people's intentions and can sometimes adopt the attitude that everyone is out to get them.

They don't trust easily but when they do, they drop all defences.

They have a very strong mind, will and imagination can sometimes struggle to remain objective because of this.


THEME | intuition, metaphysical, intensity, emotion, rebirth, renewing, power, mysterious, physical pleasure.

ELEMENT | water. 
Non-linear, non-verbal realm of feeling and intuition. Transcendant space, compassion, fluidity and imagination.

RULED BY | Pluto and Mars.
Mars governs personal survival and drive, hot-headed energy, determination, action, courage and getting things done. Also linked with war, battle and how one achieves their goals. Pluto represents everything hidden, it is the realm of death and rebirth. It highlights the broken pieces that need to be healed, karma and topics considered taboo.

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