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This constellation symbolises the beginning, the pure intelligence of the Divine Ego of the human soul. It is the force that pushes forward for progress. 
Excited to be alive, curious, adventurous and independent. Those with Aries placements are often leaders and natural initiators, determined to move forwards, towards the unknown.

Sometimes lacking follow-through, they have the habit of impatiently and eagerly starting things in the moment of inspiration. Their excitability and independence can be perceived as being self-centered or insensitive.


THEME | inspiration, passion, intellect, initiative, bravery, independence, physically active

SYMBOLISM | the ram. They represent the power and enthusiasm associated with this sign. Determined and full of fiery, youthful energy with a warrior and competitive drive.

ELEMENT | Fire. 
Passion, inspiration, fearless and optimistic force, faith in its vision. Confidence, sponteneity and bravery.

RULED BY | Mars.
Governs personal survival and drive, hot-headed energy, determination, action, courage and getting things done. Also linked with war, battle and how one achieves their goals.

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