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The most social of all signs, libra placements represent the need for balance and symbolise the concept of symmetry, equilibrium and peace. 

Their focus is often on relationships with others, love and cmmitment. They love beauty, abundance and balance and tend to be liked by many.

They are believed to manifest beauty and harmony and have the ability to ignite inspiration in others.

The vlaue that they place on their relationships can sometimes result in people-pleasing tendencies and being disconnected from what it is they truly want, given their tendency to consider others. This can also come across as disingenuine behaviour even though it may not be the case.

Their need for fairness and measuring things out can sometimes leads to a transactional state of mind and indecision.


THEME | beauty, justice, fairness, sociable, balance, symmetry, art, aesthetics.

SYMBOLISM | the scales. Represents the need for balance and equal and opposite reactions in life.

ELEMENT | air. 
Everything metaphysical, specifically thought, intellect and philosphy. Big picture, detached, the mental realm, abstract.

RULED BY | Venus.
The sensual planet of love and beauty. It affects how you engage with the world around you, what you value and your perception of beauty. Self-worth, intimacy, pleasure.

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