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Updated: Apr 15

You know that incredible sensation when you're on holiday and you finally reach the beach, you kick off your sandals and feel the sand caress your toes for the first time since you can remember? Ever wondered why it feels so good?

Sand on the beach is largely made up of quartz crystals, radiating grounding and healing energy.

Embrace the beach with our Smoky Quartz Bracelet selection in our Winter Edition. Smoky Quartz is know for its grounding propertie, perfect for those who sometimes experience volatile emotions. It is a visually unique stone due to its slight transparency amd can be found in Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, Switzerland and the USA. It's the perfect stone for when you are feeling a bit disconnected from the physical world, are too much in your head and need to bring yourself back down to Earth. It enhances practicality and organisation. It can help to build patience and bring focus. This stone also has great protective qualities, shielding against negative energies and helping to cleanse your surroundings.

With this is mind, it's easy to see how important our Summer holidays are, not just to get away and enjoy some warm weather but to connect with this healing energy that the beach naturally provides. So next time you're on a beach, open yourself and enjoy the healing energy of Quartz.

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