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Raw (an emotion or quality): strong and undisguised.

Elegance: 1. The quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

2. The quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple.


My jewellery collections are based around this concept, that nature is already beautiful enough, there is no need to enhance it.

Simplicity sometimes has the most captivating allure.

For this reason I have specifically chosen to work with mainly matte semi-precious stones. They are more rare in this state as there is less demand for them in the market, but I believe that this just enhances their visual effect as we come across them less frequently, ensuring that each piece stands out.

To me, as the designer, the stones simply look more beautiful this way. When a stone is polished, many of the defining imperfections are removed, disconnecting the individual personality of each bead from the final piece.

Another benefit of having matte stones means that when they are put in the sunlight, the appearance completely transforms. Try it yourself with your purchase, and naturally, nothing compares to the light from the Greek sun.

Everything operates with frequency or energetic vibration, giving life and vitality. Each stone vibrates at its own frequency which affects the wearer hence why I have included the healing properties associated with each stone with every bracelet.

After performing extensive research and reading, I put together a brief summary of what each stone offers and represents, but this is just scratching on the surface.

Some are skeptical about this concept, I was at first. But the more research I did, the more I saw that ancient civilisations were describing similar properties without ever having communicated with one another. Believe what you will, but this in itself is incredible. Sometimes we are drawn to colours and don’t necessarily need to know what the benefits are. Others like to know what stones are associated with their star sign, but since each person’s birth charts are so unique I usually recommend to trust your intuition, a quality that is commonly undervalued today.

Each piece is handmade by myself in my studio in Greece. I have selected the highest quality materials and have limited production to 10 pieces per design as I feel that these pieces are so unique, they are not meant for large-scale production. This also means that I am personally able to make everything myself, ensuring the finest quality in craftsmanship.

I hope you enjoy your articles as I much as I enjoyed creating and crafting them in my studio.

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